You've seen Superman soar through the skies. You've seen Spider-Man swing through the concrete jungle of New York City. You've seen The Flash sprint through traffic.

Actually, you probably haven't seen the last one. He's too fast to appear to the human eye.


Now all your favorite superheroes are trading their colorful boots in for a pair of ice skates.

Glacier Ice Rink and co-sponsor Park Side Credit Union are hosting a Superhero Skate event to celebrate National Superhero Day. Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27. The event runs from 5:30 pm to 7:15 pm.

It's a great opportunity to get the kids on the rink and let them imagine they are superheroes gliding around. Costumes are encouraged for the day of crime-fighting, on-ice games and contests. It's a great opportunity for mom and dad to wear your Mr. and Mrs. Incredible costumes, too.


If you don't have any costumes don't sweat it. Capes and masks will be handed out at the door.

Tickets are available for $12. You can snag your tickets through the event's Facebook page here.

Which superheroes could skate the best?

Spider-Man: Spidey senses give you impeccable balance and coordination. Spidey could do triple axels in his sleep.

Captain America: The serum gave him super strength and speed. He excels at anything athletically, so of course he'll run laps around us.

Black Widow: Nimble, fast, crafty. Widow would be an incredible ice skater.

Which superheroes could NOT skate?

Hulk: He's too big and clunky. Plus, we'd have to make a special pair for his gigantic feet.

Superman: He's too dense and strong. Kind of like Hulk.

Professor X: He's in a futurized wheelchair. We can't even see his legs, so he's not capable of skating.

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