When I say "Missoula" what comes to mind?

A beautiful mountain town with wildlife in the actual town, Montana Grizzly Football, people complaining about how Missoula was better in the 80s, folks complaining about Reserve Street so badly you'd think it's the 405 out of Los Angeles and a mix of hippy-dippy young folks and rural mountain men.

That's what I think of but if I missed something shoot me a message on our mobile app or our Facebook page.

Recently, I was strolling around a neighborhood in Missoula enjoying the outside world when I stumbled upon an all-time scene. I am not a professional photographer nor am I a photography enthusiast but I was very proud of this picture I snagged.

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Credit: Ace Sauerwein
Credit: Ace Sauerwein

Three deer. One cat. An igloo (I think?).

Look at how hilariously cool and cute this picture is. The feline friend is just chilling on an igloo with three deer resting in the same yard. Is that not Missoula? Cats represent the hippy-dippy people in town. Deer represents the rural outdoorsman or outdoorswoman.

Perfect synergy.

I like to think the cat is acting as the main character in the movie Avatar. He's on a mission to infiltrate the deer's community and gain their trust to discover what's going on.

"Day 42: I have finally gained the deer's trust. They have welcomed me in as one of their own. They suspect nothing as I plot my next move against our antlered friends"

There are a few things that could make this photo more Missoula than it already is. A black bear digging for garbage or a dude with a handlebar mustache cruising around on his bike.

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