A popular fund-raising event usually involves little platic ducks, floating in a flock down an area canal, with the winning duck earning a prize for a lucky person. Things are different in Hamilton this year.

Companies that create the racing ducks also have separate ponds filled with little green turtles. Over 2,000 of those turbo turtles will be in Hamilton Saturday, June 25, for a "slow-paced" race on the canal at Hieronymus Park. The race starts at 2 p.m., rain or shine. The park is at the north end of Hamilton, near the Dairy Queen, which also has a cool turtle-themed deal inside the lobby.

The little critters are the same size as the more familiar ducks, but they seem to be a little "better dressed" (photo above). And actually, the speed of the turtles is known to be the same as the ducks, depending on the race course currents. You can find out for yourself. Come watch and cheer them on! The race course canal parallels the main hiking trail at the park.

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The fun race is sponsored by Soroptimists International of Hamilton, who are raising money for an expansion of the SAFE (Supporters of Abuse Free Environments) women's shelter in the valley. Both SAFE volunteers and Soroptimists will be "turtle-herders" along the canal to help keep the the turtles out of the cat-tails and bullrushes.

Each turtle has a number. You can "adopt" a turtle (for a price) and then hope that numbered critter comes across the finish line first. If it does, you win $500. Second place is $250 and third place is $100.

You can adopt a turtle for $5, or adopt a "family" of six for $25. A dozen turtles will cost $50 and a Herd of Turtles (26 of 'em) can be had for $100. You can increase your chances of winning with those larger donations.

Unfortunately, you don't get to keep the turtle. But if you come to the race, you might be able to have a winning photo with your green guy, depending on the outcome. Go here on-line to adopt a turtle today!

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