Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On March 9, 2023, Missoula Police Department officers were dispatched for a call regarding a female, Jane Doe, who stated she had run from a male that was holding her at gunpoint due to her friend stealing from the male. Doe reported the male was driving a red two-door passenger car with a 7-county plate and that he was looking for her.  

Officers responded to the area and observed a small red passenger car, which was stopped on the street. An officer ran the license plate and found it returned to 33-year-old Lance Gendreau. Officers elected to conduct a high-risk traffic stop and the driver of the car was confirmed to be Gendreau. Gendreau was read his Miranda rights and agreed to speak with officers. He told officers that he was trying to locate a friend’s house. 

Gendreau denied having a firearm or possessing a firearm. The officer was informed by another officer that probable cause existed to arrest Gendreau. An officer placed Gendreau under arrest and transported him to the Missoula County Detention Center.  

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Once at the jail, Gendreau informed jail staff that he did have a firearm on his person. An officer removed the gun, a Kel-Tec 9mm, and noted there was a round in the chamber. During the booking process, the officer was informed by jail staff that they had located a baggie with two pills and 10 grams of methamphetamine on Gendreau’s person. 

Jane Doe Explains What Happened

Following Gendreau being arrested, an officer made contact with Jane Doe. Doe stated she went to her friend, J.M.’s residence earlier in the day and J.M. informed Doe that she had been talking to Gendreau via an app. J.M. was planning on meeting Gendreau, but did not want to go alone, so Doe agreed to go along. Doe stated she and J.M. went to an Air BnB Gendreau was renting in the 400 block of Rollins Street. 

Doe stated she felt like the third wheel and went to sleep on the couch while J.M. and Gendreau went into the bedroom. Sometime later, Doe was awoken by J.M. removing keys from Doe’s sweatshirt pocket. Doe asked J.M. if they were leaving and J.M. stated they were. As Doe was gathering her things, J.M. went outside, got into the vehicle, and left.  

Gendreau then exited the bedroom and was very angry. Gendreau left the residence and began chasing J.M. in his vehicle. Doe stated she had no idea what was occurring at this point, as she had been sleeping.  

Gendreau Returns and Grabs a Gun

A short time later, Gendreau returned, went into his bedroom, and began looking for something. Doe stated she heard a gun cock and stated she knew Gendreau had a 9MM gun because he had shown it to her earlier in the night.  

Gendreau exited the room and stated J.M. had stolen from him. He then said he believed Doe was “in on it.” Doe stated Gendreau threw a glass pipe at her, skimming her head before breaking on the wall. The officer observed small pieces of glass in Doe’s hair. 

According to court documents, Gendreau then pointed the firearm at Doe and stated she needed to “message that f*****g b***h right now and she better come back or you’re getting shot in the face.” Gendreau made further comments about J.M. having no idea the situation she put Doe in and “when I find the f*****g b***h I’m going to kill her.”  

Doe said Gendreau held her at gunpoint and stated Doe was going to help him find J.M. Doe called J.M. approximately five times, but she did not answer. The subsequent calls went directly to voicemail.  

Gendreau then forced Doe to get into his vehicle at gunpoint in an attempt to locate J.M. Doe stated she was scared and was doing anything she could to not make Gendreau more angry, believing he may shoot her. Doe continued to try to call J.M., but the calls continued to go to voicemail.  

Doe Thinks of a Way to Escape

Doe then told Gendreau to drive to J.M.’s address and as they started to circle the block, Doe unbuckled her seatbelt to get out of the vehicle. However, Gendreau accelerated to prevent her from getting out. It was at this time that Doe began attempting to negotiate with Gendreau, stating she needed to get out of the vehicle to verify which vehicle was J.M.’s. Doe was able to talk Gendreau into circling the block and stopping to allow Doe to verify the vehicle. Doe stated Gendreau was pointing the gun at her the entire time she was outside of the vehicle. 

Doe said Gendreau parked along the opposite side of the roadway from the apartment complex and once she was near the complex, she ran. Doe said she knew the door code and believed if she could get inside, Gendreau would not be able to get it. Once inside, Doe called 911. 

Gendreau is currently being charged with aggravated kidnapping, intimidation, assault with weapon, and two counts of criminal possession of dangerous drugs. All of these charges are considered felony offenses. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable.

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