Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On March 28, 2024, a Missoula Police Department Officer responded to a report that a male was masturbating on a bus near a high school. The suspect male was ultimately located adjacent to the bus stop and identified as 41-year-old Kenny Cox by the bus driver. 

The officer was advised that Cox was trespassed permanently from all of Mountain Line Property and busses on March 1, 2024. Cox was placed into custody and mirandized. The officer asked Cox about the situation.  

According to court documents, Cox stated he was “horny dude.” The officer then stated, “So you pulled your [privates] out and started playing with it on the bus because you were horny.” Cox was allegedly nodding his head yes when the officer made this statement.  

Cox Asks the Officer Inappropriate Questions 

Cox entered a bus he knew he was permanently trespassed from and committed an offense therein, namely indecent exposure. Cox then stated, “When are we going to the center, Juvenile Detention Center.” The officer realized this statement was made after Cox saw an underage female speaking to a School Resource Officer nearby.  

Court documents stated Cox then said, “Get that chick in here. We’re gonna get that chick. Come in here with me.” Cox then asked if the “red-haired chick will come with me to jail.” The officer advised that the female would not be accompanying Cox to the jail.  

Cox was placed under arrest and was transported to the jail. He is currently being charged with felony burglary.  

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This is Not the First Time Cox Has Been Charged 

Cox has a pending felony Criminal Mischief charge in Montana’s Fourth Judicial District Court from an incident on March 22, 2024. That matter is set for an Initial Appearance on Monday, April 8, 2024. Cox also has several felony convictions, including a conviction for felony Stalking out of California in 2001, a conviction for Threaten Crime with Intent to Terrorize out of California in 2008, and a conviction for Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer out of Washington in 2023.  

Given Cox’s criminal history, his being charged with a felony offense that took place six days prior to this offense, and the underlying facts supporting this charge here, the State requested the Court set bond at $50,000. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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