Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On March 9, 2024, a Missoula County Sheriff’s Office deputy was dispatched to a report of a gunfight. The deputy arrived and was directed to the address of the gunfire by a neighbor. When he got to the address, he observed a white camper with an open door parked near the house on the property. Inside the open door, the deputy observed a male sitting on the floor while holding a handgun.  

According to court documents, the man was identified as 49-year-old Jason Wright. Another deputy arrived on the scene and Wright was detained. Then multiple calls came into dispatch regarding Wright. First, a couple reported to dispatch that a bullet had hit their home.  

Then, a complainant called and reported that a male had come to his door and threatened him with a gun. He explained that a male driving a brown truck approached his house and knocked on his door. When he answered the door, the male asked him if he had an ATV and he responded in the affirmative.  

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The complainant said the male then partially pulled a black, semi-automatic pistol out of his vest pocket. As the male pulled the gun out of his pocket, the male said that’s my house and my wife and kid live there, don’t mess with us. The male then left and drove down the long curving driveway. The complainant’s property is located directly across the highway from the incident address. A dirty brown pickup truck was parked in front of the camper Wright was in. 

Another deputy responded to the home of the couple that called. Their home is located approximately 150 yards from the camper Wright was located in. They reported that they were sitting in their living room watching a tv show when they heard a bullet strike their home. They also showed the deputy where the bullet struck their home.  

The deputy noted that the bullet hole was on the wall of the living room and based on the bullet’s trajectory, had the bullet continued its path, it likely would have struck one of them, as they were seated directly in line with the hole.  

Wright was placed under arrest and was transported to the Missoula County Detention Center. He is currently being charged with two counts of felony criminal endangerment and felony assault with a weapon. 

On March 11, 2024, he made his initial appearance in Missoula Justice Court and his bond was set at $50,000. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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