Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 16 new criminal complaints this week, which is three less than last week and right around the new weekly average. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, eight of those cases involved some form of violence. 

“Two of those were partner or family member assault-type cases,” Pabst said. “One was an assault on a minor and another was an assault with a weapon. In the non-family category, we charged a couple of assault with a weapon cases. In one, a woman allegedly assaulted a man with a knife. In another, a man allegedly assaulted his stepfather with a knife.” 

In addition, there was an aggravated assault in which an inmate assaulted another inmate. Pabst said there was also a sexual abuse of children case that involved possession of materials. 

“That case involved an allegation that the defendant traveled to Missoula for the purpose of molesting two teenagers,” Pabst said. “There was also an attempted sexual assault of two minor girls that we charged. In the endangerment category, there were four new cases, three felony DUI's, and one criminal endangerment.” 

In that case, the allegation is that the defendant stole a car and went on a driving rampage hitting parked cars, going up on a sidewalk, and running over a fire hydrant. 

“In the property crimes category, we charged three new cases,” Pabst said. “We had a criminal mischief that involved a broken door at Ole’s and then an arson case in which the defendant allegedly attempted to burn down an apartment building by placing some feminine products in the oven.” 

Pabst was pleased to report that there were no new drug cases this week. The Missoula County Attorney’s Office provides a weekly crime report every Friday morning at 9:00 on Talk Back. You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:   

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