Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The Missoula County Public School District levy ballots have been delivered to thousands of county residents. The ballot deals strictly with the levy requests from MCPS. 

The primary election ballot will be mailed in early May, which will contain a wide variety of issues. I spoke with Missoula County Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman about what Missoula County residents will find in their upcoming primary ballot. 

Elections Administrator Bradley Seaman on Outgoing Ballots

“In the upcoming primary election, you're going to see some really exciting things,” began Seaman. “This is a party nominating election. I know that gets a little wonky, but in Missoula County, you're going to get four party ballots. One for the Republicans; one for the libertarians; one for the Green Party; and one for the Democratic Party. You're going to pick one of those ballots, and when you pick that one, you're going to be able to select the best candidate in that party.”

Seaman said this primary election ballot includes local, state, and national issues.

“You'll pick the people who should be running for president; who should be running for the U.S. Congress; multiple different races right down to your local House and State representatives. This is really important to making sure that the top person you pick in your party gets to go on to the general election in November.”

Seaman provided more to help each voter make an informed choice.

“As always, it's our job here to make sure that voters know and understand how to vote and where to vote,” he said. “The best thing you can do to be prepared is go to my voter page mt.com and make sure your information is accurate for the upcoming election.”

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State Officials Weigh in on the Importance of Election Integrity

The Montana Secretary of State’s office also sent out messages from election officials, ensuring the safety and integrity of their votes, including Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen.

"It's no accident that Montana leads the way in providing safe, secure, transparent, and accessible elections. Since taking office, I’ve worked to find new ways to clean Montana voter rolls including Senate Bill 170 Montana's annual list maintenance,” said Jacobsen. “This pilot program will allow Montana to further improve voter registration maintenance and up-to-date voter registration lists as a nonpartisan tool to ensure election integrity and I'm proud to lead these efforts.”

“An accurate voter registration list is one of the greatest strengths to election integrity,” said Elections Director Austin James. "Montana voters can be proud of our election officials for finding new ways to maintain the voter rolls.”

“State and local election officials are proud to incorporate new ways to manage Montana's voter registration lists,” said Elections Specialist Sadie Dellasera. “We're really excited to be one of the nation's leaders in providing up-to-date and accurate voter rolls.”

Election ballots are in the mail, and directions on when and where they must be returned are in the mailer.

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