Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On April 23rd, peace officers employed by the Missoula Police Department responded to the area of W. Front Street and Broadway for a male subject in medical distress. The male subject was reported to be foaming at the mouth. Officers found him lying on his back in the starfish position.  

Due to the male repeatedly dozing off, an officer informed him that he would administer Narcan to him. The officer did not know the male's name but was aware from past contacts that he used illicit drugs. According to court documents, the mail was eventually identified as 27-year-old Ivan Prentup. 

Ivan responded to the officer, stating, “I’ll f*****g stab you.” Ivan eventually rose to his feet in a seemingly disoriented and agitated state. Due to his threatening remark, the officer told him that he wanted to pat him down for weapons before medical personnel arrived. Ivan exhibited a defiant tone, but ultimately complied and allowed the officer to check him for weapons. 

Ivan Tries to Fight Officers

A short time later, EMTs reported that they observed Ivan take his shirt off and square up to fight with officers. When medical personnel arrived, Ivan told them to “get out of my face” and called one of them a b***h.  

At one point, Ivan turned towards an officer, closed both of his fists, took a step backward, raised his left arm towards his face, and cocked back his right arm. The officer believed that he was about to try and run at her and strike her. The officer responded by extracting and aiming their less-than-lethal energy weapon at Ivan. 

Ivan continued to quarrel with the officers and challenged them to a fight. When officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, Ivan yelled, “Come and get it b***h”. The officers decided to arrest Ivan due to his actions.  

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Officer Takes Ivan to the Ground

One officer tackled Ivan to the ground. Once on the ground, Ivan told the officer, “If it was fist to fist, I'd beat the f**k out of you.” Then Ivan turned to an officer and said, “Better watch out b***h, because I'll f*****g get you and your wife.”  

The officer reported that with today's technology resources, he believed it would be simple for the average person to locate the home of an officer and commence an act of violence if willing to do so. 

Ivan was ultimately subdued with the restraint wrap and spit mask and was transported to the Missoula County Detention Facility. He's currently being charged with felony threats or improper influence in official and political matters, obstructing a peace officer, and assault. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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