Ever since the introduction of Netflix years ago, binging TV shows have become a popular pastime. Now, so many different companies are fighting for our attention as we search for the next great show to watch. Most streaming applications even have their own top 10 list when it comes to popularity. 

In 2023 specifically, several TV shows were deemed must-watch and a new study has revealed which TV shows are the most popular in Montana. The research, conducted by CSGO gambling site CSGOLuck, analyzed monthly Google searches from January to December 2023 to find which TV shows released last year were the most popular in each state. 

Black Mirror was found to be the most popular show in Montana, with 981 monthly searches on average. Season 6 of the well-loved dystopian thriller landed on Netflix in June last year. Black Mirror also ranked as the most searched-for show in 49 out of 50 states.   

Netflix series The Crown, which released its final season in November last year, ranks as Montana's second most-searched TV show of 2023 with 648 monthly searches. Season 6 of the show thrust the monarchy into modern life and its challenges. 

Ranking third is the sitcom Frasier with 578 monthly searches. The NBC show, which aired for 11 series between 1993 - 2004, was revived for a series reboot in 2023, in which Frasier Crane returns to Boston in an attempt to reconnect with his son. 

I watched a decent amount of TV shows last year and I have pretty much every streaming app available, but I did not watch a single second of any of these three shows. I’ve heard of all three and I know they are popular, but I would’ve never guessed they were this popular. 

Here is the rest of Montana’s top 10: 

4 – Happy Valley 

5 - Party Down 

6 – Beef 

7 – You 

8 – The Last of Us 

9 – Barry 

10 – Shrinking 

I watched You, The Last of Us, and Barry. All three were decent shows, but The Last of Us was probably my favorite. According to a spokesperson from CSGOLuck, many of the most popular shows of the past year were ones with an already established fanbase.    

Did your favorite show in 2023 make the list?

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