UPDATE at 2:03 PM

Sergeant Jay Nelson, Public Information Officer for the Montana Highway Patrol, provided the following update:

“We do not have a firm understanding of all the different aspects of this crash,” Nelson said. “We still have investigators on scene trying to determine exactly what happened in this incident, but this is truly a tragedy where an individual was trying to cross US 93 and the vehicle was unable to stop.” 

Despite initial reports, Nelson said there is no indication of alcohol being involved. 

“However, obviously, with a fatality crash like this, we are going to look at every different aspect not only with the pedestrian but the driver of the motor vehicle,” Nelson said. “All that evidence will be sent to the crime lab where analysis will be made.” 

Nelson reiterated that they take all fatalities very seriously at the Montana Highway Patrol. 

“Someone's life did pass here,” Nelson said. “So, we just remind the drivers, especially with these inclement conditions that can come and go, is always expect the unexpected, drive well beyond the edge of your vehicle and please slow down.” 

First Report at 1:21 PM

Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On February 26, 2024, just after 12:30 AM, a pedestrian was hit and killed on Highway 93, near the intersection of Blue Mountain Road.

According to Montana Highway Patrol, a vehicle traveling northbound on Highway 93 was unable to avoid a pedestrian as they entered the crosswalk. 

MHP is also reporting that the driver was unable to avoid hitting the victim and he was the one who called 9-1-1.

The driver and pedestrian have yet to be identified. The incident remains under investigation.

We will provide more information about this incident when it becomes available.

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