The Missoula Current recently reported on Missoula County's potential plan to flesh out the Wye could go as far as making it its own city in the next 50 years. Missoula County believes it will be the next hotbed of growth due to the available area to build upon. For more information and full details read the article below.

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City planning and development can be a sensitive topic, especially here in and around Missoula, so I asked our social media followers to weigh in on the subject. What are your thoughts on 15,000 homes going up around the Wye in the next 50 years?

Here are some of the responses (If you want to weigh in head over our Facebook page to comment on our post): 

Valerie weighed in citing the County should begin building other structures first. "A school, grocery stores and paving the roads." The latter is a big one as she criticized the Snap Dragon and Running West intersection calling it "a joke."

Dave applauded the County's foresight and attempt to house people working at the Wye. "People who work at the Wye deserve housing in their area that they can afford. I wish they had done this in East Missoula much earlier."

Julie would like to see it be affordable housing but doesn't believe it will be.

Tami cited her experience living in the Wye. "As someone who has lived at the Wye for 15 years, I am not in favor of this in any way. We who live in the area do so for a reason and it's not to be part of a "city". Sometimes "growth and expansion" is not the right answer."

Mike thinks the City of Missoula's housing needs to be addressed first. "Missoula needs Apartment complexes..."

David is on board if it means less population in Missoula. "I would be happier to see people leave."

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