Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - The University of Montana’s UC Ballroom turned into a sea of Republican and Conservative red on Sunday afternoon, as the MAC-PAC (Montana Association of Conservatives Political Action Committee) filled the venue with the opportunity to see and meet major candidates like Tim Sheehy, Greg Gianforte, and Ryan Zinke along with Donald Trump Jr.

Former Missoula City Councilor Alan Ault acted as the Master of Ceremonies, introducing the various speakers.

Senate Candidate Tim Sheehy was one of the First to Speak

One was Bozeman businessman and former Navy SEAL Tim Sheehy, who took incumbent Senator Jon Tester to task for pretending to be a homegrown Big Sandy farmer while following the Democrat playbook for President Joe Biden.

“It's about time we unify, stand up, and send him home because he is rubber stamping Joe Biden's agenda,” began Sheehy. “We had a great VA (Veterans Administration) Secretary under Trump, Ronnie Jackson, and he would have been a great VA Secretary, but guess what? He was torpedoed by Tester directly. We also have Tracy Stone Manning running the Bureau of Land Management, the largest landowner in America, with more control over public lands than anybody else along with her tree-spiking band of misfits here in Missoula. She was also handpicked to run the BLM by Jon Tester.”

Sheehy continued to hammer the policies of Senator Tester.

“Jon Tester is supporting open borders every single day,” he said. “He voted against banning boys in girl's sports. He voted against stopping to pay illegal immigrants to fly back and forth across our border. The bottom line is he has to go. We have to retire him. It's up to Montana to determine control of the Senate. You must understand that this seat will determine whether we control the Senate for the next decade or not. That's how important this is. Every time we have a Senate tie broken by (Vice President) Kamala Harris, the leading tiebreaker in the history of America, it is due to one person; Jon Tester.”

Donald Trump Jr. said winning the 2024 Election is Essential

Donald Trump Jr. closed the event by emphasizing the importance of the upcoming November general election.

“To burn down the City of Portland? That's fine,” he said. “That was ‘social justice’. But if your grandmother was within 500 miles of DC and took offense, then the FBI paid her a visit. Another person who took offense got about 17 years in jail. We're not living in a system of equal justice, and we're at a fulcrum point where if we don't fight back now to reclaim all of the values and all of the freedoms that we've lost in this country right now, you ain't getting them back.”

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There were some Small Protests outside the University Center during the Event

Helping to sponsor the event was PublicSquare.com, self-identified as ‘America’s Marketplace’.

There were some small groups of protesters around the campus while the event was ongoing, but they did not disrupt the event.

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