Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - An organization called ‘Safe Streets for All’ will present a video at the Roxy Theater on February 8, however, the nearly 90 seats at the small theater have already been spoken for.

KGVO News spoke with Jim Sayer, a self-described ‘citizen advocate’ this week about the film entitled ‘The Street Project’, and how it relates to traffic safety in Missoula.

'The Street Project' will be shown at the Roxy Theater on Thursday

“I know a lot of folks in town and we have a bunch of people who wanted to get together and show this amazing movie called ‘The Street Project’,” began Sayer. “It's about the growing national movement for safer streets, in our big cities, small cities, and everything in between. “We're going to show that film, it's about 15 minutes long, and then we're going to have a very quick lightning round program, talking about seven projects that are occurring right now all around Missoula. Not just in the city center, but over in East Missoula, at Target Range; you name it.”

Sayer provided details about some of the projects that will be discussed after the film.

The Showing is Already Sold Out but Click the Link to See the Film

“One is about improvements to Higgins downtown and the Bear Tracks Bridge to create continuous bike lanes and wide sidewalks and also safer intersections for all users,” he said. “That’s because there are a lot of crashes especially down on the Hip Strip where a lot of cars try to speed by each other. There's no left turn lane for cars, and there are a lot of ripped off side mirrors. So there's a project underway to revamp that area so that Higgins from the ‘X’s’ up in the north end of downtown all the way down to Hellgate High School, will be a much safer road.”

Sayer said the seats were snapped up quickly, but there are plans to have a second showing in the near future.

“There were 90 seats,” he said. “It’s not a huge theater, but they did go rapidly, and we're excited about that. But we definitely want people to be able to see the film. So, first of all, there will be a link, and we may do this through one of our organizing partners, namely Missoula in Motion. They're a great local organization that helps people discover options for getting around Missoula. Whether by car, but mostly by transit, on foot or on a bike, but they are one of the co-organizers of the event and we're hoping to get the link out because you can watch this movie on PBS and a couple of other channels.”

Missoula in Motion is Helping to Sponsor the Film

Katherine Auget with Missoula in Motion told KGVO News that her organization is behind the film and Thursday evening's presentation 100 percent.

"We're excited to co host this event," said Auget. "It seems like it's going to be a great film just showing what other communities have done to make their streets safer; and then after it there'll be a quick community conversation with some updates about the different local projects happening that will make our streets safer for all."

The event at the Roxy on Thursday will begin at 6:30 p.m. when Missoula in Motion will set up their display in the Roxy’s lobby. The film will begin at 7:00 p.m.; however the  showing is completely full.

Click the link above to see the film ‘The Street Project’.

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