Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On April 12, 2024, a Missoula Police Department Officer responded to a 911 complaint from an employee of the Motel 6 on Expo Parkway. The employee stated there were two guests at his hotel that he believed were possibly engaged in a form of prostitution and human trafficking. The employee stated there was an “older white male” and a “younger black female” staying in a room. The older male was believed to be 66-year-old Brian Ward. 

During the daytime hours, the employee observed Ward exit the room and sit in his car in the parking lot. During the times Ward left, another male would enter the room, stay for a short duration, and then leave the hotel. The employee said after the unknown male would leave, Ward would then return to the room. The employee pulled surveillance footage and observed four separate males respond to the room at different times. 

From the officer’s training and experience, he knows that prostitution is a form of human trafficking and sex trafficking. He knows it is common for a male to travel with a female and force them to engage in sex with others for a monetary value. He further knows it is common for these males to often give the females money from the sexual act, but profit off the activity.  

Officers Contact Ward and the Female 

According to court documents, Ward had one prior conviction of prostitution from Denver, Colorado in 2016. A search warrant was granted to search the room. The employee provided a master key, and officers made contact with Ward and the female who was identified as T.B. Officers then transported the female to the MPD North Station and Ward to the South Station. 

Court documents indicate the officer observed there to be multiple bars of soap in the bathroom. The bars of soap all looked lightly used and possibly used by some of the males who had responded to the hotel room for sexual intercourse. During the search, officers located a bottle of nearly empty “body oil”, condoms, baby wipes, lingerie, KY lube, a bag containing $1,613.95 and personal documents belonging to T.B., and more. 

Officers Interview the Female 

During an interview, T.B. stated she was visiting from Oklahoma. T.B. stated that she did not believe she was a human trafficking victim. T.B. stated she met Ward online in Billings on “Skip the Games Erotic Massage.” The officer knew from his training and experience that “Skip the Games” is a site commonly used for prostitution and human trafficking purposes.  

T.B. stated that she and Ward had arrived in Missoula on Wednesday. T.B. stated that she had been in North Dakota by herself before contacting Ward and meeting him in Billings, asking him to take her to Missoula. T.B. stated she had been to Missoula with him previously, and he had also taken her to North Dakota. T.B. stated that no other men had given her rides to locations.  

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Ward Provides a Statement 

Officers interviewed Ward who said that he goes out to his car and waits for T.B. to call him when she is done. Ward explained that he met T.B. when responding to a prostitution ad online in Billings, approximately 1-year ago. Ward quickly explained that he paid T.B. $150 for 30 minutes of sex. Ward said they have known each other ever since. 

Ward stated he drives T.B. from city to city because she does not have a valid driver’s license. Ward stated he pays for the fuel on these trips. Ward booked the hotel room at Motel 6 and paid for it with his card. Ward said T.B. then paid him back in cash, and T.B. would continue to provide him cash so he could extend the reservation daily. Ward stated he had driven T.B. for the purpose of prostitution one previous time. According to court documents, Ward said T.B. would not be able to engage in prostitution if he did not drive for her. 

Ward is currently being charged with two felony counts of sex trafficking. One for transports of prostitution and the other for benefits. On April 15, 2024, Ward made his initial appearance in Missoula Justice Court and his bond was set at $25,000. 

The information in this article was obtained from sources that are publicly viewable. 

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