Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - It had a strange feeling of inevitability as I spoke to University of Montana History Professor Mehrdad Kia on Saturday evening after Iran attacked Israel with drone and missile strikes.

Professor Kia Provided Some Background on the Iranian Attack

First, Professor Kia told me that several weeks ago Israel attacked an Iranian consular building in Syria, after which Iran threatened to retaliate with drones and missiles.

Kia said the vast majority of Iran’s population are deeply opposed to the ruling military regime, but have no power or weapons to oppose it.

Professor Kia said the Vast Majority of Iranians Oppose the Ruling Regime

“Though there are millions of Iranians who oppose this regime, and want this regime to be out, they are also a peaceful people,” said Kia of the general Iranian population. “They are unarmed while the (Revolutionary Guard) regime is armed to the teeth. In addition, every time there are massive demonstrations, they (the Islamist regime) do not hesitate to kill, to torture, and to imprison tens of thousands of its own people.”

Below, listen to my entire conversation with Professor Kia.

Kia said the Biden Administration has sent nothing but signals of appeasement towards the reigning Islamist Iranian regime.

“The appeasement of the regime in Iran has major consequences,” he said. “It sends the wrong signal, a signal of weakness. For the last few years, that's the signal they (Iran’s ruling regime) have been receiving from Washington that we do not want to engage them militarily, and we want to negotiate. So, the result is that Iran has become increasingly more brazen.”

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Kia said Israel will Respond to the Iranian Drone and Missile Attacks

Kia said Israel must and will respond to Saturday’s attacks by Iran.

“There will be a reaction to the attack on Israel,” he said. “I hope and I pray that the United States and the Biden administration learn from what we are seeing in front of us and give up on the notion that the Iranian regime can become a normal actor and put their support behind the government and the people of Israel.”

Kia said he has been on the phone all day with news organizations all over the world due to his extensive knowledge and experiences in the Middle East.

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