Not that I, or anybody else for that matter, need to tell you that Washington-Grizzly Stadium is the best among the Football Championship Series venues but it is. No matter the conference - Missouri Valley, Big Sky, SWAC, CAA - it will be hard-pressed to find a better atmosphere and setting than Washington-Grizzly Stadium.

As the Voice of the Griz said, "Welcome to the Mecca of FCS football."

Credit: Ace Sauerwein
Credit: Ace Sauerwein


RELATED: 2024 MONTANA FISHING AND HUNTING LICENSE UPDATES Most recently, the title of "#1 stadium photo" in FCS football was bestowed upon Wa-Griz by a popular college football Twitter account called "College Football Campus Tour." The Twitter account has over 26 thousand followers. 

If you're unfamiliar, the guy who runs this account tours the nation visiting college football stadiums every weekend. Honestly, I'm jealous of this dude's life. He visited over 90 stadiums and 23 FCS games and deemed Wa-Griz as the best.

Duh. Of course he did.

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