He voted to continue flying illegal aliens on secret flights all across the United States of America, he voted against the Laken Riley Act, and he voted in support of men invading women and girls sports. What a doozy of a weekend, even for liberal Democrat Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) of Montana.

Miller Time

Enter Stephen Miller, a prominent border policy advisor to former President Donald J. Trump. Miller went off on liberal Senator Tester in a series of tweets posted on X.

The first vote that caught my eye was this vote by Tester allowing men to compete in women's sports. The NRSC pointed out how this vote shows that Tester is not a moderate, he is a radical leftist.

Tester voted for men in women's sports

"How many dirt farmers do you know that think men in dresses should compete in our girls’ sports leagues and undress in their locker rooms?" That was part of Stephen Miller's response to Tester's vote via X.com. He added that Tester is a phony and a fraud.

Tester voted to continue flying illegal aliens across the US

As Senator Bill Hagerty pointed out, Tester voted against an amendment that "would stop Biden Admin from using taxpayer dollars to charter flights for hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from their countries directly to American towns to be resettled." He called the vote by Tester "indefensible."

Republican US Senate candidate and Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy also weighed in: "It’s America Last with Two-Faced Tester! He supports open borders and fights harder for illegal immigrants than putting Montana and America First."

Tester voted against the Laken Riley Act

You know her name. Laken Riley. She was the young college student in Georgia who was murdered by an illegal alien. Tester voted against the Laken Riley Act. That really shouldn't be too big of a surprise for Montanans paying attention. We remember that Tester also voted against "Kate's Law."






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