We had a nice last-minute addition to our morning show lineup on Monday morning. The one and only Flint Rasmussen gave us a recap following his final performance inside the arena for the PBR in Billings, Montana.

Flint Rasmussen: There was something different about this event, of course, this year. There's always a little pressure in Billings, just because I know so many people and people have seen me for so long- but this year was there was an energy...

For those who missed it earlier this week, we shared highlights from Flint's last weekend at the Pro Bull Riding event at the Metra in Billings.

One of the clips I shared was Flint dancing to a Michael Jackson song. I also had to laugh- Vanilla Ice HIMSELF was at the Metra in Billings just a couple weeks ago, and he put on a great show- but I had to joke with Flint that I think he did a better Vanilla Ice than Vanilla Ice!

Here's the question I had for Flint (and I went to Howard University):

Aaron Flint: I'm just wondering, how does a white guy from Choteau, Montana learn to dance like that? My wife was looking at me and she's like- how come you can't dance like that? I was like, well, I guess I should have taken more lessons other than just Western swing in college.


Flint Rasmussen: You know, a lot of people's- I make a lot of guys look bad to their wives....well- when I say my former wife, that's probably why it's former. She used to tell me, you never take me dancing. You always dance. And I said- because I'm tired of dancing. And I told her, I said you got to pay me for that. You know, I'm on the clock. My mom has said like in interviews and stuff, she said the Rasmussen men could always dance. My grandpa was a really good dancer. My dad, of course, different styles- but they all had this little cool bounce ability to dance. My mom and dad, since I was seven years old, eight years old they listened to KSEN radio in Shelby, Montana every morning.  And at five minutes to eight from the time I was in junior high, they always played a polka leading into the eight o'clock. And I remember my parents polka'ing in the kitchen at five minutes to 8 in the morning and I was like- that's cool.

Here's how the announcer recognized Flint before the championship on Sunday afternoon:

Ladies and gentlemen, a former school teacher in Havre, Montana, a current resident of Billings, Montana- but a man that has represented the 406 around the world as the greatest Western sports entertainer of all time today celebrates his final performance in Billings, Montana. If you have enjoyed what he's given us in his career, now is our opportunity to say thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only- Montana's own- Flint Rasmussen.


Full audio of our chat with Flint Rasmussen on our statewide radio show Monday morning:

Great Flint Rasmussen montage around the 45 minute mark in the weekly recap video below: