When I saw the headline on the KGVO News story, I knew I had to reach out to former Missoula City Council member Jesse Ramos. Here was the headline that caught my eye earlier this morning: Missoula Mayor Needs Legislatures Help to Reduce Property Taxes

What? Missoula needs the state's help to lower taxes? 

Uh, no you don't. You can help the fine folks of Missoula all by yourself.

I'll get to chat with Jesse Ramos on Friday morning around 8:20 a.m. for more insight, but here is the quick reaction he had after seeing the KGVO piece.

Aaron Flint: The Missoula Mayor says he needs the state legislature's help to reduce property taxes. Boy, isn't that rich.


Jesse Ramos. It is very rich. And it's kind of sad too Aaron. It kind of reminds me of a gambling addict who says that, oh, man, I just need some more money. I just need a little bit more money and I will win the jackpot. I'll achieve the utopia. It's really what it reminds me of. I don't have the problem. I'm not spending too much. I just need more money. I just need a little bit more to keep putting it into into that big casino of life.


Aaron Flint: Wow, that is spot on. Yeah, cause I saw the story. I'm like, wow, the liberal city council, the liberal county commissioners, the liberal mayors that have been plaguing Missoula, have constantly driven up property taxes- along with the majority Democrat voters. They constantly drive up taxes. They constantly drive up property taxes, but now they're saying, oh, we need the state's help to lower property taxes. No, you can actually lower property taxes all on your own. You don't need any outside help.



BTW: Yes, I used the photo of Jesse Ramos on the set of the TV show Yellowstone when he got a lot of airtime as an extra. Why not? As one of the lone conservatives who have served on the Missoula City Council in recent years- he's definitely a celebrity.

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