April is gonna be an incredible month for MMA fights. The Fusion Fights take place Friday in Great Falls. I'll be in Vegas for UFC 300 Saturday night. And get this- a Montana fighter is headlining the Canada Cup in British Columbia.

If you're a fan of mixed martial arts, or if you just want to see what the buzz is all about- you've got opportunities right here in Montana. I've been to the Fusion Fight League events before and they put on some great events. There's nothing like seeing the octagon action up close and personal. As you can see in the flyer below, they have Fusion Fights this Friday in Great Falls. (Billings and other Montana events are right around the corner too)

Saturday night- this is incredible- I get to be in person at UFC 300 in Vegas with the Bozeman-based Anthem Snacks and a crew of Montanans. Anthem Snacks is the official jerky of the UFC. Looks like the reigning bantamweight world champ, and Montana native, Suga Sean is hosting the official UFC after party featuring Ludacris too. (Thanks to Fusion Fight League, Knockout Lifestyle in Billings, Tatanka Cigars, and Willie's Distillery for making this coverage happen later this week and next!)

Later this month, Billings, Montana's own Corey "Whatchu Talkin' Bout" Willis is headlining the heavyweight bout for the Canada Cup in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Corey is a great guy who I've gotten to know through 9Round kickboxing in Billings.





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