Three years ago, we told you how critical resources were being diverted from our northern border to our southern border. Seven months ago, we told you how Montana's northern border is also a terrorism risk. Check out what we have for you now.

Here is the report on the increased number of individuals on the terrorist watchlist being apprehended on the northern border. And these are just the ones we know about, not to mention the "got aways."

Evelyn Pyburn with the Big Sky Business Journal told us about an article she had from Center Square reporting on a break down of the number of illegal border crossers – and apparently the number of illegals coming across the northern border has skyrocketed and it’s at the northern border where the greatest number of terrorists are being apprehended.

In fiscal 2021, only 27,180 illegal crossers were apprehended at the northern border. The number increased dramatically to 109,535 in fiscal 2022, and in the past fiscal year the number jumped to 189,402.

Of the 2023 numbers, there were a total of 736 known or suspected terrorists (KSTs) apprehended at the northern and southern borders in fiscal 2023. 66% of them, or 487, were at the northern border. And of course, as Evelyn points out, these numbers do not include the “got aways.”

Here's part of what former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan told Center Square:

"While total illegal entries at the northern border are “minuscule” compared to the southwest border, 'the threat is not,' he said. 'While there are shortages of resources across the board, the northern border doesn’t have the infrastructure, technology, personnel that the southwest border has. The northern border represents a threat.'

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