According to Politico, Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) is DROPPING OUT of the US Senate race. Rosendale just announced that he was running for the US Senate on Friday, and then just hours later President Trump endorsed Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy.

The question now is- will Rosendale run for re-election in the US House of Representatives, or is he done with Congress altogether?

From the Politico report, here's what Rosendale said in a prepared statement:


Rep. Rosendale: As everyone knows, I have planned to run for the US Senate and to win both the primary and the general election. However, the day I announced, President Trump then announced that he was endorsing a different candidate. By my calculations, with Trump endorsing my opponent and the lack of resources, the hill was just too steep.


Will Rosendale run for re-election in the House? Notice this line in a KTVH-TV report:

Rosendale said he will be returning back to Montana soon to be with his family and will “prayerfully consider what is next.”


Navy SEAL veteran and Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy dropped by our radio studios earlier this week and talked about the Trump endorsement and more.

Tim Sheehy on the Trump Endorsement

Tim Sheehy: He recognizes, like you just said, America is at a crossroads and in 2024 Montana is at the center of the political universe. This race, as you correctly stated, will determine the direction of this nation for potentially the next decade. And he recognizes that. He's a patriot. I'm honored to have his support. But he knows how important this race is, and he knows when he wins the White House- he's gonna have to have a Senate to enact his agenda. And the one thing standing between his Senate and what it is today is Jon Tester, and that's why he's supporting us.


What About All the Phony Attack Ads Against Him?

I pointed out how the Democrats and their dark money outfits are already spending $1 million a week against him, but how the effort may also be backfiring against the Democrats. The Democrats are afraid to have Sheehy be the candidate in November, so they are trying to knock him out before the primary, but instead they are likely rallying GOP voters behind Sheehy even more.

Tim Sheehy: Truth is- I fought for my country, wounded on the field of battle. My wife fought for our country. After I was wounded at discharge, we came home, started our businesses from scratch with an all veteran founding team. Everything on the line on those businesses- businesses that protect our community. Aerial firefighting. I fly our water bombers. It's a dangerous job. We put out wildfires protecting farms, ranches, savings lives...I'm proud of that. I'm never gonna apologize for the fact that I've built a successful business in our state, created jobs, created veterans jobs. And you know, these aren't dating apps and yoga pants- these are important jobs that protect our country.



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