We love our Canadian friends, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan. A lot of the people in Western Canada are very similar to folks in the Western United States. Farmers, ranchers, a love for the outdoors. Did you see the Canadian anthem during the National Finals Rodeo?

There's family and friendships on both sides of the US-Canada border. Folks in Alberta come down to the Flathead to ski in the winter, and enjoy the lakes in the summer. There's cross-border business, especially in the ag communities of Northcentral and Eastern Montana.

We get some great radio listeners in Saskatchewan that can pick up the radio station signals out of places like KCGM in Scobey and KATQ in Plentywood. I got to meet one of them while he was team roping in a rodeo in Big Timber and later in Wolf Point at the 100th Wild Horse Stampede.

What Canada did, and frankly what we also did to Canadians, during COVID-19 was shameful. If Americans would travel north of the border to visit loved ones on their death bed, you might not get to see them before they pass due to strictly enforced quarantines. Pastors were thrown in jail for holding church services out on the street. Meanwhile, Canadians had to watch as the US southern border was wide open for illegal aliens to flood in, as they were forced to suffer under vaccine mandates.

Canada's Left-wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has openly admitted that he envied the power Communist Chinese leaders have over their people. He sure seemed to relish the power COVID-19 gave him over the people.

But has Trudeau and the Canadian Left's tyranny stopped with the passing of the COVID-19 lockdown hysteria?  If you watch the video from Rebel News below, it sure makes you wonder.

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