A half a pound was the difference between them and second place. Two Jordan, Montana boys came away with the championship at the Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament in Fort Peck, Montana. And Governor Greg Gianforte netted a personal best while he fished in the tournament once again.

As someone who grew up in Northeastern Montana, it's great to see a governor not only show up for the Governor's Cup at Fort Peck- but also fish in the tournament.

Gov. Gianforte: Great weekend back in Fort Peck at the Montana Governor’s Cup Walleye Tournament. This 30", 11lb walleye was a personal best for me

As "The Buzz" reports in Glasgow, Brem and Clyde Phipps of Jordan were the big winners.

Credit The Buzz in Glasgow
Credit The Buzz in Glasgow


Governor Gianforte also did an interview with the Captain and the Montana Outdoor Radio Show in Fort Peck. He talked about his first day on the water.

Gov. Gianforte: It is a spectacle seeing these 200 boats going in the water with military precision and then heading out to chase some fish.  We had a good day on the water. It was a little rough, the wind was blowing. We put two decent walleye in the boat- a six pounder and an eight pounder. If it had been a Northern competition- we would have won. We caught five Northern and two Bass.



The gov caught his bigger walleye later in the weekend, as you can see below.

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