I had a great time seeing everyone in Shelby, Montana. Before our radio show Thursday morning, I had the honor of attending KSEN Radio's Athlete of the Year Banquet at the Marias Valley Golf and Country Club.

You have got to read the writeup that they did recognizing these great student athletes from across the Golden Triangle. One of the student athletes recognized as female athlete of the year was Ada Bieler of Choteau. Her coach got up and talked about how she was dragging her leg behind her and was still running up and down the court during one of their basketball games. Turns out she had a broken leg and was STILL trying to play. What an honor to see so many great student athletes and their families at the event.

While I was at the event it was fun catching up with KSEN Radio personalities like Mark Daniels, Wyatt Frydenlund, Julie Martin, Brynn Melton, and Dean Lerum. Mark Daniels and I had some fun talking about the radio business and doing a morning show. Did you know KSEN Radio still plays a polka every day just before 8 a.m.?

I asked Mark if he heard my chat with rodeo entertainment great Flint Rasmussen after Flint's last ride at the PBR in Billings. He missed it! Oh man, Mark you gotta hear this. He talked about the polka and KSEN!

I asked Flint how a white guy from Choteau, Montana learned to dance so good.

Flint Rasmussen: My mom has said like in interviews and stuff, she said the Rasmussen men could always dance. My grandpa was a really good dancer. My dad, of course, different styles- but they all had this little cool bounce ability to dance. My mom and dad, since I was seven years old, eight years old they listened to KSEN radio in Shelby, Montana every morning.  And at five minutes to eight from the time I was in junior high, they always played a polka leading into the eight o'clock. And I remember my parents polka'ing in the kitchen at five minutes to 8 in the morning and I was like- that's cool.

Check out more of that story and the full audio with Flint Rasmussen here.

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