Calling all procrastinators who were planning to take advantage of the Return to Work Incentive but didn't, time is up. If you are currently an unemployed resident of Montana, and you can get hired by this Halloween Sunday (10/31/2021), the State will give you a $1200 "thank you" bonus for getting back to work.

Who is eligible?

Again, you must be a Montana resident whose name is on the active unemployment eligibility list as of May 1, 2021. This offer began back in May, but if you can accept an offer of employment in any industry by October 31st AND you work for this employer for 4 consecutive weeks, you will get the one-time $1200 bonus.

Find the brief and simple Return-to-Work Bonus Application here.

Where is this money coming from?

This bonus program is funded by federal COVID-19 stimulus funds designated for Montana.

Why is the State offering a bonus?

Montana needs workers, and we need them fast. Restaurants and retailers are short-staffed, manufacturers have had to curtail shifts and slow production lines, and small businesses have had to shut their doors one or more days a week to compensate for job openings they can’t fill.

If you plan to fill out the application, I recommend getting that done TODAY, like, right now, ASAP. The Montana Department of Labor & Industry will then contact you with an offer informing you that you are considered eligible. Visit this website for more information, or, if you're super eager and want to be sure that the job you maybe accepted just today "counts" for the bonus, you are encouraged to email

As you have seen, so so so many places are hiring right now, and wouldn't it be great to get that $1200 bonus just in time for the holidays? Or to finally get caught up with bills that have fallen behind? Good luck out there, sending all the good vibes!

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