If you've been to Glasgow, Montana, chances are, you've tried Eugene's Pizza. And even if you haven't, then you've probably heard of them because they have been recognized for some of the best pizza in the state.

On top of the award-winning pizza, Eugene's Pizza is also coming to be known for their BBQ sauce.  The Knodel brothers, Sam and Jeff, first started bottling their sweet BBQ sauce in 2014, but Sam tells us it has likely been in use since the early 1960s at Eugene's.

Now, the Knodel brothers are launching a whole new line of their "Sam & Jeff" Montana BBQ sauce. As Sam tells us:

We currently have 2 flavors…Our 'Original' Sam & Jeff’s ‘Sweet’ Montana BBQ Sauce and our new flavor called 'PureMontana Gold'. We have 2 more flavors that will be coming out very soon. One is a “Hot” version and one is an “Italian-Style” flavor using our pizza sauce spices.

Sam also tells us that you can find their BBQ sauces in about 20 locations around Montana in small quantities, and they routinely ship their BBQ sauce all over the nation. All of the sauces are made and bottled in the legendary pizza tossing kitchen at Eugene's Pizza.

Here's the other news, according to Sam:

We are 'Private Labeling' for 2 famous musicians…we bottle BBQ Sauce for the band 'Autograph' (Turn up the Radio) and another up-and-coming Nashville singer named 'Alena Rae'. We have another musician that wants us to do a 'double-pack' of BBQ flavors since he is famous for playing a double-necked, V-shaped guitar. His name is Michael Angelo Batio.

Click here to check out the full line of products at the Eugene's Pizza online shop.

Credit EugenesPizza.com (used with permission)
Credit EugenesPizza.com (used with permission)

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