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The following is a press release from Montana State Senate Majority Leader Fred Thomas.

'Montana’s Senate Majority Leader Fred Thomas has sent a letter to Governor Steve Bullock asking him to help strengthen requirements in the Help and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act in order to increase accountability from Medicaid recipients.

“We want to help encourage those in the Medicaid system who can work to get the job training and resources needed to do so,” said Majority Leader Thomas. “The HELP Act is intended as a short-term tool to help with healthcare costs, and strengthening work and volunteering requirements will reduce dependency and allow resources to be directed to those who need it most.”

Legislators are asking Governor Bullock to ‘strengthen the training requirements in existing law and pursue community benefit and work requirements for all able bodied, childless adults as a condition of benefits.’

Current law requires many recipients to contribute towards premiums and co-pays of their coverage unless they meet certain conditions, including participating in a Department of Labor training service, So far, only two percent of the individuals enrolled have received this intensive training.

The HELP Act, which became law in 2015 has a sunset next year and will be under review by the 2019 Montana Legislature.'

Click below to read the letter from the legislators to Governor Bullock that was sent on October 1.

The letter was signed by 25 state senators and 41 state house members.

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