This weekend is going to be lemon...wait for it...dairy! Hmm, I suppose that might work a little better when Neil Patrick Harris is delivering his famous "legendary" line as Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. But it was worth a shot! Regardless, this weekend is going to be tart and delicious thanks to one of Missoula's favorite treats being available for the first time this year.

Sure, you can use your calendars and all kinds of science to tell you that it's officially spring. But maybe we're overthinking things and the fact that Lemondairy will be open for business this weekend is all that's needed to tell us that the seasons are changing for the better. You read that right! With nice weather headed our way for the weekend, you can stop by Lemondairy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get your fill of deliciousness.

Lemondairy® is a delicious, lemony ice cream dessert created in 2003 after years of experimentation, development, and design. The Huckleberry Jamboree was created on a whim at an event in 2014 and is a Lemondairy® with our huckleberry sauce added to it. -Lemondairy Facebook page-

If you grab one every chance you can, if you haven't had one in years, if you thought they were only available at the fair, or if you've never had one at all, the good news is you have all weekend to slide in and grab a treat between the hours of 3 PM to 7 PM each day. You'll find Lemondairy dishing out the desserts at 819 Oak Street in Missoula.

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