The Montana Grizzlies have restocked their cupboard, so to speak, with 30, and perhaps even more, new football recruits.

Head Coach Bob Stitt said a wide variety of positions are represented in the recruiting class of 2016.

"We have seven defensive linemen, seven receivers, four offensive linemen, three quarterbacks, three linebackers, three defensive backs, two special teams and a running back," Stitt said. "We have 22 high school seniors, seven transfers and 12 states represented."

In addition to the recruits listed on, Stitt added one transfer that signed just before the press conference, Lane Hovey, a transfer wide receiver from Nebraska.

Stitt said one aspect of recruiting that has fundamentally changed the way coaches and prospective players communicate is social media.

"There's no secrets anymore," he said. "The recruits cannot wait to tweet out that a coach came for a home visit, or that they got an offer.Once that's out there, other schools start calling, so you just can't keep someone under the radar. Everything's out there. Is it easier or harder? That depends. You find out on Twitter that a kid just got dropped by another school, and bam, you can get him right away that same day.We got a couple of guys later and it happened in just a few days."

Follow the link on, and watch the recruiting videos from all the new Grizzlies, and see how Coach Stitt and his staff have reloaded after a season in which they finished 8-5 and reached the second round of the FCS playoffs.