What do you think of when you think of small towns? Do you think of where you grew up? Do you think of a place far away from where you live? Do you think of a John Cougar Mellancamp song?

Whatever you think of, it can often be fun to get out of the city and take in the pleasures of a small town. And Montana is definitely no stranger to that.

What is the Must-Visit Small Town in Montana?

Thrillist put together this list of the must-visit small towns in every state in the US, and for Montana, their selection was... Livingston!

With a population of a little over 8000, they describe Livingston as the "epicenter of Montana cool." The article mentions the town's attraction for celebrities like Jeff Bridges and Michael Keaton, the close proximity to Yellowstone, and Chico Hot Springs as reasons why you should check the town out if you've never been.

Of course, Livingston is far from the only small town in Montana. Philipsburg, for example, has a population of about 800 and has a ton of charm on its own - so much so that it served as the spot where Scarlett Johansson got married to Romain Dauriac, and where Kate Bosworth got married to Michael Polish.

Do you have a favorite small town in the state of Montana? Do you think Livingston deserves the title of Montana's must-visit small town, or should that honor go to another? What are your suggestions?

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