The state summer Special Olympics are coming up in May this year in town, and Sgt. Mark Horner and the Missoula Police Department are ready to take the 17th Annual Polar Plunge to raise money for athletes.

"It raises money for the local area games and local athletes," Horner said. "We've got over 1,500 athletes right now in the state of Montana that we are able to fund. It costs a lot of money to fund an athlete, but what it does is it helps them and their family come to the events and it won't cost them a dime."

The Super Grizzly Dip will be Saturday, Feb. 27 at noon on the Oval on the University of Montana campus.

"There's always coming out and making a donation and cheering the athletes on. You can also donate by visting," Horner said. "I'm kind of known as the 'Ice Man.' I'm the one who brings all the ice to dump in. I've got about 60 bags this time. It's the most I've ever brought in."

Horner said in addition to the Missoula PD, the Sheriff’s Department, high school students, city hall employees and college students will all be participating.

Those who choose not to plunge still can participate by registering as a "chicken." Each chicken and plunger is encouraged to donate $100, or $50 for UM students with a valid Griz Card.