A Missoula man is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges after a rough break-up with a girlfriend reportedly devolved into a series of burglary, assault, strangulation and theft. According to Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, the victim called in the assault around 8:50 a.m. Monday morning, September 17.

"Officers responded to the 7,000 block of Uncle Robert Lane where they made contact with the female who reported that Graham Scott Laughery was in the process of moving out when she shut the door behind him and locked it after saying to him that he was not to return' Welsh said. "Rather, he returned to the house took the screen off the window and crawled in."

Breaking-in through the window led to a felony burglary charge for Laughley, but there would be more crimes to follow.

"He proceeded to assault her, and in one particular instance she reported that he grasped the front of her throat with both hands, applying pressure to the point where she nearly passed out. He was not at the scene, obviously, when police arrived, but he was located later near Southgate Mall a short time later near a business where he works," Welsh said. "She realized later, after he left that she was missing her credit card, and some prescription medication."

The woman was taken to the hospital and had a visible laceration on her jaw. Police found the vial of prescription drugs on Laughery’s person, however the vial was empty when police collected it.

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