Several Montana lawmakers were in attendance as Mike Lindell hosted his cybersecurity symposium in South Dakota back in August of 2021. Since that event, they've been hosting election integrity forums of their own across Montana.

State Senator Theresa Manzella (R-Hamilton) recently hosted a forum in Carbon County, Montana alongside Mark Cook- a cybersecurity expert who has been critical of the electronic voting machines and their use particularly in the 2020 presidential election.

As the forum was set to take place, problems with the voting machines in Carbon County were identified.

We talked about both of those topics as Sen. Manzella and Mark Cook joined us on the radio.

On the Carbon County voting machines:

Sen. Manzella: We've got a great, very active group of citizens there and they were present during the first certification process. And it was one of the citizens who noticed- out of the roomful of citizens- there was one citizen who noticed that the seals on the tabulators were broken. All four of the seals on the tabulators were broken. And he raised that concern, and rightfully so, that is a serious problem in the chain of custody.

On the vulnerabilities of electronic voting machines:

Mark Cook: The narrative keeps changing. First, they said there were no vulnerabilities, and they absolutely know that to be a lie because CISA knew about vulnerabilities at least as far back as 2014, and the vulnerabilities, and a report with their name on it, talks about vulnerabilities that still exists to this day.

Here's the full podcast audio:

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