"It dwarfs Judith Gap." That's what Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT) had to say about the massive new wind power project going up near Miles City, Montana.

Rosendale visited the Clearwater Project on Monday, which he says is about 30 miles north of Miles City and amounts to a billion dollar investment in the area.

Rep. Rosendale: These these turbines are about almost three times the size (as Judith Gap). So each one of the blades, okay, is almost three times as big. So the tower has to be that much larger, okay, in order to accommodate it, or else the blade would hit the ground. And they've done that because they're able to capture more air, turn more power, and the generators that they place on top of there are turning about three or at least twice the amount of energy that they're producing each one of these turbines.


Rosendale says the wind power is coming online because of the energy that was lost due to the "terrible regulation and requirements by the federal government" that helped shut down Colstrip 1 and 2 at the coal-fired power plant in Colstrip.

Rep. Rosendale: I'm one of those all of the above people. I believe in solar energy. I believe in wind energy. I believe in hydro energy. I believe in nuclear energy. But I also believe that we have to make sure we have a good base load supply so that when we go through these terrible events, like we had February a year ago, and you start having systems closed down, that you're still able to keep the dadgum lights on and keep heat in people's houses.

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