After the long winter just completed, western Montanans were hoping for a nice mild spring with sunshine and warming temperatures.

Not so fast.

The National Weather Service is predicting conditions much more like winter than spring, according to meteorologist Luke Robinson.

“We have a low pressure center moving over western Montana right now,” said Robinson. “It’s creating enough precipitation that it’s dropping the snow levels down to the valley floor. The good news is that we’re not expecting any accumulation on the roads. However, overnight tonight don’t be surprised if you wale up to white on the ground, maybe one to two inches of snow. The only concern for snowy roads is in the higher elevations above 4500 feet on the mountain passes.”

Robinson said the heavy rain over the last few days won’t create a flooding problem for Missoula.

“Everything seems to be behaving,” he said. “The only problem is a road that washed out near Hall. Montana, which is near Drummond, so other than that, we don’t see any problems here in western Montana.

What about the sunshine?

Robinson said Missoula can expect several more days of rain.

“We’re not looking at a dry warm day for the next few days,” he said.



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