It’s May, but the spring showers from April are still here and so are the low temperatures. Temperatures haven’t been to 70 degrees in a looong time and National Weather Service Meteorologist Luke Robinson says that that’s abnormal.

"Our average first 70 degree day is April 14th and this year we will likely make it to May 3rd or 4th and that puts us at 15th all time for the latest 70 degree day," Robinson said. "The longest it has ever taken us is April 22nd and that goes all the way back to 1896."

Stretching back to last fall, the number of consecutive days without 70 degree weather is getting close to breaking records.

"If we make it through Wednesday, that will make it the 4th longest we've ever been below 70 degrees," Robinson said. "The number one consecutive days below 70 is 220 and if we make it through wednesday that will give us 214 consecutive days where we didn't hit 70 degrees."

Robinson doesn’t think 2017 will break any all-time records, he says he is “very certain” that 70 degree weather will come by Thursday.

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