After a careful look over, University of Montana President Royce Engstrom announced that construction for the new Missoula College is set to be at 1205 E. Broadway.

UM has completed a total environmental assessment for the planned building of the college and is set to begin groundbreaking. Peggy Kuhr, UM Vice President for Integrated Communications said the site would result in no significant impacts on the environment.

"The architect will go into a detailed design development phase," Kuhr said. "Now that the site has been approved as a final site, the rough schematics become the actual design. We hope, here at the university, to have the ceremonial groundbreaking just as classes are starting in the fall."

UM intends for detailed design development to begin immediately, with other groundbreaking to follow shortly after. Building, however, won't start for a few more years.

"Really, in the fall, if anything there would be some kind of groundwork, but you wouldn't see actual building going on," Kuhr said. "Actual construction, we may be looking at the spring next year, and building ready to go, we're really talking about a couple of years away."

The 2013 Montana Legislature approved $29 million in state funding for a new Missoula College building, with an additional $3 million coming from UM.