On Thursday, Missoula County Commissioners announced a settlement agreement with Adam Atkins of Helena following an accident involving a Missoula County Sheriff's Detective that occurred in 2011.

County Commissioner Jean Curtiss said the accident occurred in Helena during a training session.

"This is an accident in which one of our detectives was in Helena attending classes at the Law Enforcement Academy, and after classes were over, he was involved in an accident, and the young man in the other vehicle was seriously injured," Curtiss said. "We have reached a settlement in that case,"

Curtiss said the initial attempt to settle the case was unsuccessful, but to save taxpayer dollars, county officials reached a resolution.

"A trust has been set up to care for his medical needs for the rest of his life for $1.3 million," She said. "Missoula County is self-insured and we have $750,000 set aside for liability claims. We have an additional policy with another company, and $550,000 will come from that insurance company."

Curtiss said neither Atkins nor the detective involved were cited in the accident.

Missoula County Sheriff's Officer Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett said Sheriff T.J. McDermott appreciated the tragic nature of the incident for all involved.

"It was a tragic and unfortunate accident," Bassett said. "From T.J's perspective, he just hopes this settlement will pay for any costs for care and treatment and hopefully help that family move forward."