Missoula crime appears to continue to climb as the County Attorney’s office has another near-record week for the number of felony cases.

'We processed, give-or-take 28 new cases, which is pretty high," said Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst. There were seven violent crimes, three of them involving partner/family members, one of those was a strangulation case and one was an aggravated assault as well. Then there were three violent crimes involving non family members, one of those was an assault with a weapon and then the kidnapping case.

A number of other high-profile crimes were on the docket as well.

"There was a sexual abuse of children case, which is the possession of child pornography, " Pabst said. "There was a negligent homicide case, a criminal endangerment case, two felony DUI cases, two embezzlement cases and one involving the abuse or neglect of an older person."

To top it all off three cases were someone failed to register as a sexual or violent offender. A custody case that triggered an amber alert, and a smattering of drug abuse cases.

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