The Clark Fork River, as expected, overflowed its banks this week and neighborhoods located near the river are now experiencing flooding.

Director of the Missoula County Office of Emergency management, Adriane Beck described the areas affected by flooding so far.

“At about noon yesterday (Tuesday) the Clark Fork River did leave its banks and reach that minor flood stage of seven and a half feet,” said Beck. “The impacts we’re seeing right now in that Tower open space and Kehrwald Drive area. The forecast right now is for the river to continue to rise, and we do have some rain coming, as well. Our intel is that were are likely to see a crest at midday on Sunday right at about that 10 foot mark.”

Beck said there may be flooding impacts in other areas around the Clark Fork.

“There’s very much a possibility that we will see some flooding outside that hyper-localized area of Tower and Kehrwald. We have also seen impacts in the Clinton area as well as along the Clark Fork near mallard Way,” she said. “We’re asking people to pay attention to changing conditions, to keep an eye on the rivers and on the forecasts and to take the necessary actions they need to protect their property.”

Beck provided directions for those who need sandbags to protect their property from the high water.

“There is sand and sandbags available out at Fort Missoula out in the field just past Heritage Hall,” she said. “It’s a serve yourself type operation and so we’re encouraging folks who need those sandbags to locate them there.”

The National Weather Service has continued its flood watch for the Clark Fork River at least through this Sunday.

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