Too often we share stories about a Missoula business announcing its closure and leaving customers without their favorite establishment. And it's even worse when it's a restaurant! It's definitely no fun to have your favorite place here one day and gone the next. Those cravings never go away! So while news of El Cazador closing their downtown location might be shocking, it's a bit easier to swallow since we'll still be able to enjoy a meal at their other location on South Avenue.

Wait, what? El Cazador is closing?

El Cazador is like my compass. Whenever I describe the downtown area to someone I use the restaurant as my starting point. "Ok, if you're on Front St. you'll start at El Caz and head East. Then take a left about five streets down and you can't miss it!" But it's the end of an era as an article in the Missoulian says that Friday (5/27) will be the final day for the restaurant that opened in 1996. It sounds like the owners are ready to downsize and not be as busy as they have been while running two restaurants.

I guess that's just how life goes. One day Carlos Santana is eating at El Cazador and talking about it while he's on stage at the Adams Center and the next we're wondering what could possibly take over the spot of the restaurant that's been a staple of downtown Missoula for about 27 years. The Missoulian article says the spot is already drawing interest from possible tenants.

Photo: Neville & Butler Commercial Real Estate
Photo: Neville & Butler Commercial Real Estate

Downtown will feel a bit weird for a while

I have to say, not having a pre-concert meal at El Caz before taking in a show at the Wilma might take a little getting used to!

When you need your next fix of El Cazador, be sure to visit them at their 2209 S. Avenue location.

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