To celebrate their 60th anniversary, Missoula Federal Credit Union asked their members to cast votes for several local non-profits to decide which three would receive $20,000 gifts.

MFCU President and CEO Jack Lawson said the event was a huge success.

"We asked each of these seven organizations to put together a quick two-minute video pitch and we put those stories to our membership and they have been voting for about 30 days to determine what three organizations would win $20,000 each," Lawson said. "The three winning organizations were the Missoula Food Bank, the Flagship Program and Big Brothers Big Sisters, three great Missoula organizations."

Lawson said all the organizations sent representatives to the MFCU annual meeting Tuesday night to hear the results of the voting.

"Last night we had our annual meeting," he said. "We presented the awards and everyone had a ball. A live band played, we had barbeque from Notorious P.I.G. and beer from Lolo Creek, it was a great event. The three winning organizations, their leadership was there and they were moved by the credit union's generosity. Even the four other organizations who were not the winners of the main prizes received $1,000 each. The event gave hem an opportunity to share their stories with our membership, and it was a great success all the way around."