A full one third of the 18 felony charges in Missoula this past week, March 16, were violent crimes. Of Course, the attempted homicide charges that resulted after shootings at a Missoula convenience store grabbed headlines. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst details some of the others.

"There was a partner/family member assault the defendant allegedly attacked her aunt while she was intoxicated. There was an assault with a weapon charge in which the defendant allegedly broke into their ex's and whacked the new boyfriend with a handheld torch. Additionally there was a robbery that involved an attack on a casino worker that ended up with with some fairly serious injuries."

There were two prominent cases involving dangerous driving.

"One was a criminal endangerment involving a head-on collision in which the defendant had allegedly been huffing and fled the scene," Pabst said. "The drug in question was xanex. Then  there was a careless complaint filed that involved a crash into a trooper's vehicle, there there were two theft cases and a whole bunch of drug cases."

One man, 31-year-old Eric Roden (pictured above) appeared in court as well, accused of Assault on a Minor. Pabst says the victims involved are two boys both under ten years old.