For many northwest Montanans, the 2013-14 winter hasn't felt like much of a winter at all. Although there haven't been a lot of record-setting warm temperatures, things on average have been warmer than most past years.

"It has not been historically warm, it has just been moderately warm," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Jeff Kitsmiller. "We've been in the 50s and even 60s before, at this time of year. As for the 40s that we've been having... it's just kind-of high-end. We're sitting here with some of the warmest weather that we've had, but nothing off the charts. When we look at it on a through-the-month scale, here in Missoula, we're at about the seventh warmest winter in the last fifty years."

Even though things have been warm, the sunny weather is expected to give Missoula the cold shoulder on Tuesday evening, January 28.

"We're going to see a pretty good area of moisture, good snowfall in the mountains, possibly up to a foot," Kitsmiller said. "That will extend through Wednesday night. As for the valleys, we are having a little bit of difficulty nailing down the precipitation type. Looks like we are more likely going to be in a mix of freezing rain and snow as we get to Wednesday morning."

Temperatures are expected to get down around 25 to 30 degrees on Tuesday night.