I would take them all if I could!  But my wife says we're capping our kitty count at the three we have.

Missoula animal shelters are overloaded with cats and kittens!  We need to find these cute and cuddly guys a home.

Cats are coming into the shelters faster than they can find homes to adopt them.

Pet owners that don’t spay and neuter their cats is believed to be a major factor in the problem.

Another issue is owners who adopt without realizing how much time and attention the animals need.  Pet owners need to be ready for the commitment of having a pet.

Looking to adopt?  The price for a cat is usually $75 and they're spayed or neutered, have their shots and are microchipped.  Shelters in the area require an application before adopting a pet.

Wan to make a donation to a local animal shelter?


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