Missoula Representative Kimberly Dudik has officially announced that she is running for the office of Montana Attorney General in 2020.

“I’ve worked for the past six years in the legislature making laws so our citizens are safer, “ said Dudik. “Built on my experience as a Deputy County Attorney and assistant Attorney General with front line experience in enforcing our laws, so I knew what needed to be changed and I was able to make some of those changes in the legislature.”

Dudik said there are a number of initiatives she wants to pursue if elected as Attorney General.

“As Attorney General, some of my priorities are to make our children safe with a Child Justice Initiative and also protecting our seniors with the Senior Protection Initiative, and our veterans need to have more justice in our state, I’ll pursue a Veterans Justice Initiative,” she said. “Building on the work I’ve already done, I plan to work on an End Substance Abuse Initiative. I also plan to open a Public Integrity Division so that people in our state have a transparent way to file complaints against public officials and how public misconduct is handled.”

Dudik also wants to open a Native American Affairs office with the Attorney General’s office.

“I know that there’s been great work done in the office, (under present Attorney General Tim Fox), but there is more work that we can do and it’s been proven effective in other states and Montana can do more work in those areas.”

Dudik will be appearing on KGVO’s Talk Back program on January 2.

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