An odd crime occurred Friday evening, January 6th, on the 1800 block of Cooper Street in Missoula that still has many confused.

According to Missoula Police Public Information officer Travis Welsh, a disturbance call came in around 3:00 in the afternoon, claiming that a man had kicked down the front door of home.

"When the officers arrived the found a male resident and a female guest who claimed that 35-year-old Cody Palmer had been to the house, entered forcefully and was berating the female guest," Welsh said. "When the male resident tried to intervene, Mr. Palmer grabbed the male resident and threw him to the floor before leaving the building."

The woman says she doesn't even know Palmer, so the motive for the burglary is hard to nail down. While police were chatting with the victims, Palmer came back and wound up in handcuffs.

"Palmer was later apprehended when he returned to the residence and was taken into custody by officers," Welsh said. "He was arrested for the offense of burglary, he made statements that suggested that he may have been associated with drugs, but there were nothing specific at the time of his arrest."

On top of a felony burglary charge, Palmer also faces a charge for Obstructing a Peace Officer after struggling against police restraints and refusing to identify himself. Police were able to identify Palmer using tattoo photos that were on file with the Missoula County Jail because of prior crimes.

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