Missoula Police responded to a call for help this morning, and ended up rushing a man to the hospital for a stab wound.

"Officers were called to the report of a man at a restaurant in the 2900 block of Brooks Street," said Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. "He has an injury that seems consistent with some kind of edged weapon. The injury is to the center of his chest, but we can't say at this time how severe it is because we don't know if it penetrated his rib cage."

Welsh says blood was found at the scene, but no weapon has been recovered. The victim reports that he was stabbed after approaching two men that he suspected of theft.

"He says that he encountered a couple of males inside of a passenger car that he believed belonged to  one of his family members that had been reported stolen a week earlier," Welsh said. "That part of the case is being investigated to try to confirm if it is true or not, at this point we have officers at the scene to process information that was gathered there."

Descriptions of the two men and vehicle at this point are very vague, but police are checking to see if there is a missing vehicle report that can link to this case. At this point, the best description is that they were diving a "white, four-door passenger vehicle."

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